Spiced Pear Vodka

3 Mar

A few years back, I had a pretty intense love affair with St. George‘s Spiced Pear Vodka. Part of its allure was its amazing pear flavor, sure, but another piece was almost certain that it was LIMITED EDITION. You mean I can’t have this delicious taste whenever I want? I’LL TAKE TWO. You know, just in case. Fast forward a few years, (yes years) and I’ve still got the majority of one bottle in my freezer – you can’t just drink it all at once! It’s for special occasions because its LIMITED EDITION.
We took it with us when we moved, and through a cruel twist of fate, I ended up having to to dump it out. Heartbreak.
My darling husband put my entire family on the hunt for this beloved tipple – all to no avail. LIMITED EDITION, remember.
They tracked a couple of bottles down here and there in Florida, but how on earth were they going to get it from Florida. It was a lost cause.
Cue my clever mother, who wrapped up and delivered my very own DIY spiced pear vodka kit. Delicious Hangar 1 vodka, all the necessary spices, a nice bottle for infusing, and directions to go pick up my own dang pears (since who knew when I’d actually get around to making it).
She also scrolled through the far reaches of the internet to find a couple of recipes, clever lady.  My ingredients came complete with print outs from One Martini (in protective plastic sleeves, since vodka infusing can get spilly).

I followed Jessica’s directions pretty closely, only making a few tweaks.


  • 2 ripe pears
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1/2 vanilla bean
  • 1/2 star anise
  • 5 cloves
  • 750 ml vodka
  • Large jar/bottle – large enough for the entire bottle of vodka and the pears and spices.


  1. Wash pears, cut into slices/pieces and add to the jar.  The smaller the pieces, the more surface area you have, so theoretically, the faster it will infuse.
  2. Add the spices and pour in the vodka.
  3. Cover and let sit to start infusing. After a day or so, check the taste. I pulled the star anise fairly early on, probably only a day in, but left everything else to continue to infuse.
  4. Each day, give it a swirl and taste it again. Once the flavor is where you want it, strain the vodka and store in a glass vessel.  I put it back in the vodka bottle.  I’d say to plan on at least three days, maybe a week before it’s “done.”
  5. I lost about 150ml through the process, but didn’t want to lose that boozy goodness, so I heated up the fruit to make a compote, and served it warm over vanilla ice cream.  Super good!
  6. I love this with a mix of fizzy water and vanilla syrup (sugar free usually), but I keep trying to come up with amazing cocktails to make with it that don’t require me purchasing all sorts of additional obscure liqueurs and bitters.  Sadly, that’s not my strong suit, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!  I have this one on my radar – with plain old sweet vermouth in place of the Cardamaro, and these yummy The Bitter Housewife bitters I picked up at Bitters + Bottles in South San Francisco.

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