Pastry – A tale of heartbreak

27 Feb

I’ve watched people make pastry on The Great British Bake Off for years.  Looks easy enough, right?  Ha.

I made bread.  Dense bread.  Fair, I did a “rough puff” using my food processor. . .and then I froze it for a week or so. . . and then it was driven three+ hours to a rental house in Tahoe that was not equipped for baking. . . where it sat in the fridge for another day; so admittedly, I did not exactly set myself up for success for my first pastry go.  Watch, as I amaze:

Getting yeasty with it.

Preparing to pulse.

Post pulse – after combining the butter/flour mix with the yeast mix.

Mid “booking.”

Making do in Tahoe. . . using a roll of cling film as a rolling pin. This is how ALL the best pastry chefs do it.

Adding my sweetened cream cheese and jam mixtures.

Did I mention making do? We couldn’t find any sharp knives, but this spatula had a nice edge for cutting strips.

Braiding away.

Braided and egg washed – ready to bake!

Et, voila! A little dark, I know, but why start succeeding now?

I took my inspiration from Sally’s recipes for the dough and filling, and this page for freezing/defrosting the dough.  It tasted. . . fine.  The texture was. . . bready rather than flaky.  It was edible, but I am not calling it a success.  I’ll definitely need a second take on this – perhaps without the freezing and thawing, perhaps without the shortcut to rough puff.  And yes, my second take will absolutely count as one of the 40.

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  1. Allan January 23, 2018 at 4:09 pm #

    Im going to start following you again as you failed me with the Little Red House. 🙂

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