Roasted Tomatoes

10 Nov

One of my very favoritist things on the planet is what were called “sunblushed tomatoes” – I can’t remember if I was in England or Australia, or both, when I had them, but man.  Yum.

They were really just oven roasted to make them all caramelized and amazing tasting, but seriously, these bad boys on a piece of toast?  Even with those end of season ugly ones, or kind of mealy ones, well, especially those kinds – you can also freeze them once they’re roasted, and then eat them again as is or turn them into sauce and  you guys – just make some.  So easy.

Preheat the oven to 400.

Wash and cut your tomatoes in half if they’re Roma sized, or into quarters if they’re big.

Get out a glass baking dish (or a cookie sheet – I prefer the glass baking dish; they don’t seem to dry out as much), drizzle it with a good amount of olive oil and a mix of herbs.  I used dried marjoram, basil, oregano, slivered garlic, and a little bit of rosemary and salt.  Then toss your tomatoes in the herbed oil and roast (cut side down) for 20-30 minutes.  Keep an eye on the first batch so you know how long it takes for that specific size of tomato and your oven – the worst disappointment in the world is living in the most amazing smelling house ever and then not having anything delicious to eat.  You can eat them on crackers, on toast, on sammiches, in omelettes, in a box, wearing socks, with a fox, when entertaining (toast + goat cheese schmear + oven roasted tomatoes = 12 kinds of heaven) – however you want.  I keep them in a jar in the fridge with a little bit of extra oil to make sure they’re not sitting exposed to air to eat in the next couple (or few) weeks, and freeze the rest.

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