It’s not salad season, I know

10 Nov

I just had a super yum salad here at the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia (if you’re here, it’s a great, cute, quirky little place to stay with all sorts of fun perks and thoughtful touches and DELICIOUS food and drinks – both catered, and in the Red Owl Tavern.  Join their frequent guest program, even if you’re not, and get even MORE perks – like free internet!  No, I am not being paid to say so, but Kimpton, call me!), and I want to remember it to recreate.  I also had one two nights ago that was also yum and that I ALSO want to recreate.  Also, who am I kidding – I live in California – it’s always salad season.

Today’s salad was super easy:

romaine, black beans, bell peppers, goat cheese (you knew it was coming), and I’m going to guess some sort of lime/cilantro dressing.  YUM.

A couple of nights ago it was:

mixed greens, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, asparagus, roasted tomatoes, roasted onions, with lightly pickled veggies and a basil vinaigrette.  This salad actually tasted a bit like fall to me – somehow the addition of the preserved veggies did it.  I would totally make this one for Thanksgiving dinner, and actually, probably will.  I can pickle that.

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